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Caro has been continuously exploring, learning and stepping into the mission to create an understanding of the importance of photo management so people’s memories will be preserved for their children, and their children’s children.


Caro Tello is a Certified Member of the Association of Personal Photo Organisers. She graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University of Bellas Artes and subsequently took numerous graduate courses in Design, Photography, Painting, Art Therapy and Business Administration.


Over the years, Caro has developed the simplest and most efficient system for organising, preserving and sharing photos.

She can help you get from chaos and frustration to easily access and share the photo memories that are important to you, with as little trouble as possible!

I am a proud Certified Member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers


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It’s been a long journey...

I have a deep wonder about photos since I remember. I must have gotten it from my father, he treasure his photos dearly, moving furniture around so the photo would be scene perfect, making us hold our happy face till my face felt numb. In my teens my friends used to make fun of me being the “photo thieve”, because I used to “borrow” photos from their family albums, just to have those moments frozen in time with me, I must have thought I would care them better than themselves! More than 20 years has passed by and I still have those photos and still care for them very much, they are my treasures.


I studied Graphic Design, learned English as my second language, travel around the world, settled up in Melbourne, created a strong relationships with my friends that are like family to me, got married, studied Art Therapy, became a mother and all along, photography and photos have being my inspiration, my haven when I feel homesick, my way to communicate and the way I see my own experience in this world reflected back to me while look through them…a very reflexive, emotional and joyful tool I have to go through life. Photos mean a lot to me.


Motherhood have changed me in many ways, I have and still are going through a deep transformation, which has make me evaluate many aspects of my life. My profession is one of them. After a deep search within and with the support of my family and friends I decided to become a Personal Photo Organiser, I have never heard of this before, but it resonated with me. It felt perfect made for me, it mixed my organisational and control freak within me with my creative crazy love for graphic design and art, my passion for photos and my desire to be able to create connections and support people through their emotional journeys.


So here I come, making a new step within this journey called life, may our paths cross at some point in space and time!



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