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Your Photos will be neatly organised, categorised, safe and accessible

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Your Photos will be restored, scanned, edited or converted to current formats

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Album Design

Photo Album

Your best Photos will be preserved in a beautiful Photo Album you'll treasure forever

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Sit back and relax while I do the work for you!

  • I Organise your photo collection, not matter how chaotic it can be
  • I Preserve your photo collection in case of natural or digital disaster
  • I Design beautiful personalised ways to share your precious photo memories and stories

Photo Management is a service you will treasure forever.


Photo Management Solutions

Are you stressed and overwhelmed with photos piling up on your devices?

Caro Tello has been continuously exploring, learning and stepping into taking on this mission of creating understanding of the importance of Photo Management so that people can easily access their photos, protect them in case of natural or digital disaster, share their precious memories with loved ones, and be sure that their photo legacy will be preserved for their children, and their children’s children.


Due to issues of organisation and clutter, many people are unfortunately losing their precious memories!!

Photos are

“Most households INVEST IN INSURANCE to protect their household belongings and vehicles from loss. Ironically, the average family invests very little time or money to insure the safety of their family photo collection, even though most agree that their PHOTOS ARE PRICELESS and irreplaceable.” - APPO

Photo Management Journey

You probably have countless photos that are just randomly stored and have no organisation or way to locate them...

Perhaps you have made some effort towards proper organisation and categorisation of your photos, but even that can seem like an overwhelming task.  Over the years, I have developed the simplest and most efficient system for organising, preserving and sharing photo collections.  The goal is to be able to find and share the photos you love without a headache. With my passion for photography, managing and professional design skills and sensitivity, I am able to help you. Contact me.

 If you’d like some free tips and step-by step guides on photo management solutions, visit my Free Resources page.

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Photo Collection

No matter how chaotic your PHOTO COLLECTION may seem - unintelligible file names, photos without dates, too many photos cluttering your hard drive - I CAN HELP YOU manage it so you are able to find and share the photos you love!



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You are taking a phot to capture a particular moment in life, so you can remember and share it with others. It is a way to satisfy that deep desire of having life memories.


Now you have documented your personal experience or loved ones. Capturing a photo make us feel the beauty of the moment, be it a beautiful sunset, a child’s smile, your family gathering.

Download your photos from all your devises to only one “Master” computer and commit to it, then organise them either by chronological or topic/folder.

Have three backups in place to protect your digital photos, including one that is stored off-site. An off-site backup is an external hard drive in a safety deposit box or at a family member’s home

Photos are meant to be shared and enjoyed. A printed photo album of your latest vacation displayed on a coffee table will be enjoyed more often than photos tucked away on your computer.